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List of Professionals who can help

1. Audiologist- measures hearing ability and provides services for auditory training; offers advice on hearing aids.

2. Educational Consultant - gives education evaluations, familiar with school curriculum but may have a background in special education issues.

3. Educational Therapist - develops and runs programs for learning and behaviour problems.

4. Learning Disabilities Specialist - a teacher with specific training and credentials to provide educational services to students with learning disabilities and their teachers.

5.Neurologist - looks for possible damage to brain functions (medical doctor).

6. Occupational Therapist - helps improve motor and sensory functions to increase the ability to perform daily tasks.

7. Paediatrician - provides medical services to infants, children, and adolescents, trained in overall growth and development including motor, sensory, and behavioural development (medical doctor).

8. Psychiatrist - diagnoses and treats severe behavioural and emotional problems and may prescribe medications (medical doctor).

9. Psychologist (clinical) - provides psychological and intellectual assessment and treatment for mental and emotional health.

10. School/Educational Psychologist - gives and interprets psychological and educational tests; assists with behaviour management, provides counselling; consults with parents, staff, and community agencies about educational issues.

11. Speech and Language Therapist - helps children with language and speech difficulties.